Wedding Registry

This is the fun part as a couple. You get to begin thinking about all the things you’ll need to complete your home and combine your styles after your wedding. Traditionally, it was important to pick out fancy china and cutlery for all the dinners you’d host as a married couple, but now, there are so many alternative ways to register for your wedding. Find the registry method that works best for you.

Always register for a range in cost on items. If you are registering for dishes, for example, do a lower cost item and also a more expensive choice. That way the guests that don’t have big budgets still get to contribute to your registry without feeling inferior. You can always take items back and put them toward the higher priced items if you need.  In need of a new grill or a fancy vacuum? Put it on your registry! You’d be surprised how many family members will chip in to get you larger items so don’t be afraid to put them on your list just in case. If you don’t get the items you most wanted, don’t be defeated, you’ll get lots of gift cards and coupons that you can then use to go back later to buy yourself. Always wait until after your bridal showers to buy anything for yourself to avoid getting it twice!

Moving in together for the first time? In need upgrading those kitchen appliances from college ? Here’s the best places for that:

Try to limit it to 3 in store locations. That way your guests have options, but they don’t get overwhelmed with which registry to look up!

Been together for a while and don’t need household items? Going on a really awesome honeymoon instead?

Picking Out the Groom’s Wedding Ring

This is important to do together. Most grooms don’t wear rings often, unless it’s a class ring, so this is an adjustment for them. You want him to pick out something he sees himself wearing. You can surprise him by inscribing the inside of the groom’s wedding ring with a special note.

There are so many different options for the groom’s wedding ring, here’s just a few examples:

Classic Band

Darker Toned Metal

Alternative Options



Your Dress is in, it’s getting closer to the day, which means you need to get your dress altered to fit you! Most bridal shops will offer a discount on alterations if you bought the dress from them. Sometimes these bridal shops can be a bit more expensive than if you went to an alternative location, but they do have a lot more familiarity with the dresses. Always make sure you find a trustworthy seamstress.

The style of your dress will determine the cost to expect.

Whatever shoes and undergarments you plan on wearing on your big day, make sure you bring with you to the alteration appointment! They will want you to wear those items while pinning your dress so they make it as accurate as possible!

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